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A visit to my Mom on her Birthday

It has been a little over three years now since my mom has passed away. (Click Here to see the Story Behind the Fro to fully understand). It seems that I have started a tradition that I go back to the cemetery around her birthday to sit there and reflect on the past year. This year I stopped by on her birthday which was Dec 23rd, this would have been her 64th.

It never gets easier, as much as you think you are ok you are really not. I don’t think I would ever want to get to a point where the emotions to come rushing back. You don’t want to forget and loosing the emotions I think would mean you have stop carrying or forgot. It is amazing the times that the emotions hit you and get you thinking about the person you lost. Sometimes its a smell other times its a song or a place that triggers those memories to come flooding back in.

I have always hid a lot of my emotions from other people when it comes to dealing with hurt and loss and kept it inside or let it out only for myself. These videos that I have done over the past two years help me express the emotion and get those feelings out. It is ok to cry it is ok to show emotion and not worry what anyone will think. Because if people think it is bad to show emotion or cry than they just have some major issues.

I have grown so much over the past year personally, emotionally and in business. I really wish my mom was here to see what I have created and continue to create. She always encouraged my brother and I to do whatever it is that we wanted. To dance to the beat of our own drum and don’t let people tell you you can not accomplish something.

My mom was a teacher, she may not have had a teaching degree but what she had you could not learn in school. All she did was try and help every kid she encountered find their way. Find their own direction, learn at their own pace and move past the roadblocks that may be holding them back.

She always said I was her toughest student, I fought her when she was trying to help. I have a way of closing things off and not accepting the help that may be out there when needed. She just wanted to help and see me do well. I wish she could see what I am up to now and I wish I could have brought her onto camera as my first student.

In closing I want to let everyone know that it is ok to show emotion, there is nothing wrong with letting it out for others to see. It does not make you less of a man or a woman to cry and show other emotions. No matter how many times people tell us life is short we sort of gloss over that fact. But everything does move by very quick and if were not careful we may miss so many opportunities. Opportunities like telling the people you love that you love them. Opportunities to help your friends and family without thinking and just doing because its the right thing to do. We are faced with many uncertainties in everyday life. Take the opportunities that present themselves to project positive thoughts, energy and love onto the people you encounter.

I will also say this, if you wake up everyday hating what you are doing, make the change, take a chance on yourself. Don’t wait to see how it turns out if you already know you dread what you are doing. Make that change, do what you love, what you have always dreamed about doing, make it a reality. Anything is possible in this day and age!!!