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The "Real Reasons" Behind Monitor Calibration: Spyder5 Pro

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What are some of the “Real Reasons” why monitor calibration with a Spyder5 Pro may be something you should look into.

We always hear how important color is. But how do we get uniform color from all the monitors we use? There is a standard called ICC, think of it in terms of an inch on a ruler. An inch is a standard of length and the ICC profile is a standard for color management.

In order to make sure you have the same color from your laptop, to desktop to third monitors you need to calibrate. Remember though, when you share images with others who don’t have a calibrated monitor there’s not much you can do at that point.

When you go to make prints you can install the ICC profiles from the lab so you can soft proof and check what the final output should look like. It’s about a uniform standard and keeping your monitors up to date with it.

The Spyder5 PRO was extremely easy to set up, follow the prompts hit go, let it do it’s thing then see the results. On my Retina Display Macbook Pro I saw a subtle change from calibrated to not. What you have to keep in mind is as your monitors get older the color starts to shift along with the output brightness. That’s why it’s recommended that you calibrate once a month or more. I know people who do it before every single shoot.

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