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I want all of this GEAR and I think you will too: NAB 2015

I know you guys love gizmos, gadgets and doohickies so that’s exactly what I brought you guys from NAB 2015 sponsored by

Before we get started I have to thank for being the sponsor of our LAS Vegas Trip to NAB 2015. During this video you will see a lot of “video footage” from the strip, casinos and other random places in Vegas. All of that B Roll came from VideoBlocks massive archive of footage that I have access to for only $99 a year. Give it a try for yourself and see how it helps your final videos have more pop, click here for your 7 day trial.

For those who don’t know NAB happens once a year and is held in LAS Vegas. It’s goal is to show the world everything that is new relating to video and broadcasting. There are companies showing everything from satellite trucks down to teeny tiny accessories.

My goal with the show coverage was to share with you the gear that I think you would find most interesting. Some of the gear is way out of all of our price ranges like a $70,000 Canon 50-1000mm lens but other things are right in our price range.

Like with my past show coverages NOT ONE sales person was let on camera to make a pitch. I personally can not stand the booth pitches and never want to subject you guys to long drawn out diatribes about things you are not interested in.

I hope you enjoy our coverage of NAB 2015 and find it not only fun but informative. Don’t forget about the bloopers at the end as they are always bound to make you smile.

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk from LAS Vegas with our NAB Recap.