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Nikon D3100 Getting Started Guide

Congratulations you just got a Nikon D3100 or NOW WHAT? Get out your camera, sit back and watch this video to get the very basics and explanations of what each button on the camera is.

You may feel that this is to much camera for you but I know you can handle it. Photography can be simple just remember not to over complicate matters. Use the basic information in this video to help you move in the right direction quicker.

I have put together a separate section with whatI think are some of the best videos from the site to help you get started. Please CLICK HERE to go to that page.

To pick up a Nikon D3100 please call Allen’s Camera 215.547.2841 and ask for the FroPrice or pick one up at Amazon. Also purchases help me keep this site up and running with FREE information.