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Nikon D3200 Unbox and Sniff Test

Today I got my hands on the Nikon D3200 to give it a little sniff test and unboxing. First things first this is not a full on review just yet, its just first observations based of the few sample images and videos I took today at Allen’s Camera.

This is a small light, very plastic feeling camera with a 24pm sensor and pretty fantastic specs. But we all know that specs are just that specs and real world shooting will be the true determining factor.

One thing not to forget that this is the very very very basic starter camera from nikon that sells for $699.99. This is not a camera that you compare to a D4 and say that the files are not even close. They are not supposed to be close, one is $600 the other is $6,000.


So far the sample images out of the camera are only jpeg as lightroom 4 does not accept the new D3200 RAW files. The sample images that I took were all at 6400

ISO so a true representation of what this camera can do can not be made until I fully get to play with one.

The camera seems to handle very well in my brief hands on. The menues all act the same as all other Nikon basic bodies and the buttons seem to all make sens.

I was very happy with the video out of the camera. It looks clean and smooth and with the ability to set manual controls for video you now have better control of your shooting. The added microphone input really allows you to take your video to the next level. The full time auto focus seemed to kick in and work very well in my quick little test. For those wondering if you can hear the focus motor, the answer is yes you can.



I have a unit coming from Nikon this week and I plan on taking this camera to Florida with me this weekend.

After I have played with this camera for a few days I think I will have a better handle on telling people what I think. But again do not forget that this is a very basic entry level camera and has to be judged as so. It is not supposed to be matched or compared to a pro level camera.

If you have already picked up the new D3200 or you will be soon, I will be uploading some beginner user guides explaining how this camera works.

All the sample images in this post were taken directly out of the camera as jpegs and are un-edited. To pick up a Nikon D3200 from Allens Please CLICK HERE