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Nikon D4 VS D3s Review and Comparison

For some time now readers have been asking me to review my Nikon D4 and compare it to the Nikon D3s. My idea of a review of a camera like this is to just tell you what I like and maybe some things I do not like.

In terms of a comparison theres not really one, the D4 is the perfect fit for me. It does everything I want including 20 min of HD video which comes in major handy for what I do. It is built like a brick and its shadow to highlight detail does rival the D3s.

See, I just use this gear opposed to testing and over analyzing this. When I first picked it up I wasn’t shooting, i was testing. I got tired of that because it was really getting on my nervs trying to figure out if this was the right move or not.

The D3s is AMAZING and anyone who has it or has had it knows this. It did have that one limitation for me with the video that held me back slightly. Other than that that camera will keep kicking for years.

There is one thing I forgot to mention that I do not like with the D4. The push button on the side to switch focus modes is good in some situations but not all. I like to switch from Single to Continuous without taking the camera away from my face. Sure you can do that with the new push button system but it is not the same. One simple switch used to be there and thats what I would prefer having back.

So there you have it, my thoughts between the Nikon D4 vs the Nikon D3s.