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Nikon D7100 2500 ISO 1:1 Look

Here is a 1:1 look out of lightroom of an edited file from the Nikon D7100 shot at 2500 ISO with the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR II. What you are seeing is a screen grab on my MAC of Lightroom.

To me this looks very very good. Sure you see grain aka noise in his face but look at how far zoomed in we are. Do not mistake this noise or grain as meaning that the camera is bad. I get some many e mails form people saying that the ISO noise of their camera is terrible when all they really are doing is zooming in on a portion of an image and confusing themselves.

I personally do not add noise reduction to my images in lightroom. I feel that when you do that it makes the image mushy and gives it a look that its not sharp. If there is something I love more than anything in my images its the fact that I LOVE TACK SHARP IMAGES.

To see the full size images click the image below.

Nikon D7100 ISO 2500 1 to 1 Crop