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NIKON Z6 Firmware 3.0 AUTO FOCUS Review = BETTER than SONY or Does it SUCK?

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This is the Real World Review of the Nikon Firmware Version 3.0 for the Z6 and Z7. I took the Nikon Z6 into multiple situations to really put it through its paces. I photographed Temple Womans Baseketball, Kids playing and Animal Eye AF on my cat Sammy Davis Jr Kitty.

How does the Auto Focus system hold up now under version 3.0? Let’s find out in this Review.

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00:15 – Intro

04:58 – Version 3.0 Firmware explained

06:22 – Kids Photoshoot with new firmware

28:57 – Basketball Photoshoot with new firmware

44:40 – Animal Eye AF Test with a cat

50:43 – Animal Eye AF Test with a dog

53:58 – Wrap up with final thoughts

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