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How NOT to get BLINKS in your photos: Quick Tip

How many times have you seen photographers counting to three to take a photo and their subject blinks as soon as they hit three because of anticipation.

Well I have a simple hack or trick that almost guarantee you wont get many blinks in your shots. The tip is simple, if you’re going to count than you simply go before you get to three.

People have been so trained to hold their eyes open while someone counts that by the time they get to three they simply blink. So I always make sure to say alright, here we go one “CLICK” or boom or something along those lines. It simply doesn’t give the subject time to blink.

On the flip side how do you shoot in bright sunlight where it’s hard for your subject to keep their eyes open? The simple hack here is to say keep your eyes closed until I get to two, than open them. Generally speaking this will give you that split second of relaxed open eyes before they start to squint.

And that right there is another simple Quick Tip to help you get better photos.