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No Photographers Allowed in the PIT

Do you think Beyonce is making a mistake by not letting professional photographers into the pit to shoot her live shows? Instead of allowing people into the pit, Beyonce’s camp will supply publications with approved images.

There is a major issue here. Instead of allowing photographers into the pit who are going to capture high quality images, publications are buying snap shots from the crowd. So instead of getting quality images they are purchasing snap shots that are no where near professional.

So when the idea was to only make sure approved images get out there the opposite is going to happen. Much lower quality images are now out there that are less flattering then anything else.

I understand wanting to limit the people who shoot in the pit. I am all for less photographers in the pit and a better job of vetting them.

But not allowing anyone into the pit at all is a major mistake and is going to totally backfire.

Here is the truth about shooting huge concerts like this. All the photos from city to city are going to look the same for the most part. Its the same show every night of the week so all of your photos end up looking the same any way. I know that does not make it right but with her approved photos they will be professional.

What do you guys think?