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This is a PREVIEW of the Sony a9 II. We did not get a hands on or any images or videos of the cameras in action. We had a call with Sony to learn about the new specs and ask questions. Some might be disappointed inthis update if they’ve been reading rumor sites. Keep in mind it’s only been 2 1/2 years since the Sony a9 was released. This is NOT a Major Update, it’s like an S refresh from Nikon accept Sony updated the body.

One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is its only been 2 1/2 years since the a9 came out. Is it disappointing there wasn’t a spec bump in the sensor, maybe a little but…this is a mid-cycle refresh that got better than a typical mid-cycle refresh.

I say that because when you look at Nikon and their S models, they don’t update very much, maybe a processor with a slight ISO bump of a stop. Major Flagship cameras from Nikon and Canon come out roughly every 4 years with a middle of the road refresh on Nikon’s side. It’s the every 4 years we’ve been seeing major refreshes from Canon on the 1D X line.
So for Sony which hit a tripple with the a9, they are not half way between third and home with the a9 II. It’s still lightyears ahead of Nikon and Canon and my expectations for two years down the road are much higher.
I LOVE the new body over the old body. I like the 10 FPS mechanical shutter option. I hate the lack of touch functions, I am not happy about the 3.1 million dot evf vs higher. But all in all, they took something that was game changing and updated it with a fresh look and new processor.

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