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Ooooooooops, the BIG Holiday Contest mistake

Each holiday season I like to do a huge giveaway worth thousands of dollars in prizes. Last year we had something like 42 winners and this year the plan was to have 47. Plastic printers set me up with scratch off cards that went out with each holiday order and people got either winners or sorry try agains.

The only issue was that we had a cross up in the shipping department and 217 WINNER cards were sent out instead of 47.

As you could imagine that is why it has taken me a little extra time to find a good solution to our mistake. The solution I came up with was to randomly pull 47 winners and put them to the side for the original prizes I announced. After that I started the process of emailing one of my video guides to the others who got winners. They had to get something, I couldn’t say sorry, you didn’t really win even though your card says winners.

So now I am left with the final 47 and have to start contacting them to get them their prizes. I should be able to do that over the next week or two so if you have a winner and have not heard from me as of yet there is a good chance you are one of the 47.

The takeaway in this story is mistakes happen, you just have to face them head on and find a solution.