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Why I Like To Shoot Through A Photo Hole and Not The Glass

Have you been to an arena and noticed there were hole cut in the glass? These are photo holes and they are extremely important when it comes to getting quality images at sporting events.

I equate shooting through the glass to using a filter in front of your lens. In all reality it is much worse to shoot thorough the glass being that it is not as clear as a filter. Also the glass is much thicker than any filter you would ever use.

Some issues you will run into when shooting through the glass is you will lose some light and focus will be a little tougher. The focus is tougher because you have something that is not perfectly clear that you are trying to shoot through.

If you have the ability to shoot through a photo hole you will be much better off. No longer will you have anything between you and the action. You just have to be careful not to stick your lens out when the play is close to the hole.

Here are some tips if you encounter this at a youth game. Most local hockey rinks will not have photo holes. My suggestion is to try and shoot from a spot down low where there is no glass. Sometimes that is at the end of the bench and others it’s in the penalty box.

The key is a clean shot without anything between your lens and the subject.

I hope this quick tip helps you out.