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This is your Photo News Fix for June 16th 2017: JPEG is DEAD!?

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Video Transcript

At last, JPEG IS DEAD! At least in the forthcoming release of Apples iOS 11. Introducing the HEVC format, aka “High Efficiency Video Coding” which is supposed to save you up to 50 percent in storage space. I wonder what its wiseman score is? HEVC, more commonly known as the H.265 codec, has been around since 2015 and has been used by apple in FaceTime calls to save on bandwidth. Netflix and Amazon Instant video have also been using the codec for the past few years. On the photo side, HEIF “High Efficiency Image Format” or “HEEF” is the Apple’s new file format for images, which will now end with a dot HEIC extension, or “HEEK”. Greg Barbosa from 9 to 5 mac shares his experiences with the iOS 11 beta, saying “In testing I went out at night and took a photo and video of the New York City skyline. The outputted JPG image weighed in at 2 MB, while the HEIC image came in at 1.2 MB. Similarly, the h.264 encoded video was 61.2 MB, while the h.265 (HEVC) video was 33 MB. In theory this all makes sense, have better compression to free up not just space but save on data streaming costs and speed up sharing due to smaller file sizes. My question is, will this file format be recognized by major camera manufactures and eventually replace JPEG with HEEF? And will the quality be the same or better… or will most people not care, what say you?

Next up: Do you plan on shooting a music video that involves cars, guns and a carjacking? Do you plan on doing this all without a permit in Detroit? If so please, please, please think again. The headline from FOX 2 out of Detroit reads “Detroit Police Shoot at crew filming music video”. Here’s the story, police say they received several reports of what looked to be a car jacking of an aston martin at the 6 Mile and Mcnicholes, is that close to 8 mile and Rabbit? When police arrived, the men explained they were shooting a music video. Police say they had no record of permits to film so officers thought it was an actual robbery and started shooting at the two men who appeared to be holding guns. 3 shots rang out and luckily no one was hit. All three men were taken into custody and later charged with disturbing the peace. The moral of the story is…. don’t go to Detroit (booooo’s) I kidd, I kidd, i’ve never actually been there. In all seriousness though, if you’re going to shoot a video without a permit and have something shady looking going on, think again. (cut to todd creeping outside)]

Stephen, where’s my third story????? Turns out it’s been a light week for what I think is interesting photo news, don’t forget to check out the Photo News Fix EXTRA on iTunes or wherever podcasts are available.

And there you have it, that’s your photo news fix this time around, Jared Polin