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Photo News of the Week - 5/27/13

Here’s some news directly from outer space! NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover beamed back RAW images directly from the red planet. The pictures were sent between 33.9 and 250 million miles away (depending on how far apart Mars and Earth are at the time). Most of the images were taken with the Rover’s Front Avoidance Hazard Cameras or “Hazcams”. Check out a time lapse video featuring several images from the Rover stitched together that a youtuber put together; pretty cool. (via PP)

Not the first time a shutter sound compilation has hit the web, but what’s interesting about this comparison video is that it not only features different manufacturer’s camera sounds and framerates, it also showcases the actual waveform of each sound. Take a look below, where it goes from dinky sounding clicks to machine gun-like firing in the Canon 1DX: (via PP)

Wow, simply amazing: The Reddit community teamed up and restored Redditor Steven Withey’s grandfather’s old WWII Navy portrait. The image, about 67-years-old by now, has been beat up over the years, with rips, stains, creases–the works. The loyal team on Reddit worked on the image one-by-one until the picture was fully restored and looking brand new. Watch as Steven shows his grandfather the results below and check out the original and the final product side-by-side; very touching. (via LS)


If you ever wondered what goes in to creating composite images, photographer James Quantz Jr. revealed a behind-the-scenes photo shoot that he did with the South Carolina Gamecocks. He showcases everything from the setup and preparation to the final product. Here’s what he has to say about the shoot via Fstoppers:

“I used at Nikon D800 w/battery grip to try and squeeze out an extra frame or two per second. Lighting was 7 Buff Einsteins for their insanely quick flash duration to freeze the action. Modifiers were a mix of 4 silver PLM’s, a beauty dish, and two gridded reflectors. I shot tethered with Tether Tools cable and table to a Mac laptop running Capture One software. Lights were all synced with Pocket Wizards.
Backdrops were captured previously during a night game with the intention of using them in a project like this. Everything was then retouched and composited by myself for the final images.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below:

Flickr has went through a complete site overhaul, their first since 2005! The new layout features a refreshing homescreen and photostream which is similar to 500px’s layout (featuring uncropped images). Also, users now will have better search results, which will appear via the new photostream layout. The biggest change for all users, not just pro, is that everyone now gets one terabyte of FREE storage. Unfortunately, Flickr doesn’t support RAW photo uploads just yet though…However, they do support full-resolution JPG uploads as well as up to 1 GB videos. Also, Flickr is rumored to be deeply integrated in Apple’s upcoming iOS7 which will allow easier posting directly from the iPhone without having to actually open the app. Take a look for yourself via Gizmodo’s screenflow video below–what do you think of all the changes? Good or bad?

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