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FroKnowsPhoto Photo News of the Week 6/2/13

A big update on Magic Lantern’s new raw video crack: EOSHD forum user Julian Huijbregts has unlocked his 5-year-old Canon 50D camera and enabled it to shoot raw video. So not only can the expensive 5D series shoot raw video via ML’s hack, now a cheap(er) $500 dslr can do the trick. The cool part? the 50D’s firmware didn’t even do video when it originally came out! Also, apparently the 15-megapixel sensor enables even better raw dng stills with its larger pixels. For now, Huijbregts was able to shoot resolutions as high as 1592×720 at 24fps with no frame skipping using a SanDisk 32GB 95MB/s card. Click here to download his full 50D sample pack and check out a sample video below: (via EOSHD)

Also, here’s what Julian discovered when testing out the 50D:

“1592 is the max width. Max reliable speed seems to be 50MB/s for me with this card.”

Results (24 fps):

1592×1062 – frame skipping after about 50 frames (67.7MB/s)
1592×840 – frame skipping after about 480 frames (53.5MB/s)
1592×720 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)

1320×1062 – frame skipping after about 300 frames (56.1MB/s)
1320×960 – frame skipping after about 1200 frames (50.7MB/s)
1320×840 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)

1280×1062 – frame skipping after about 250 frames (54.4 MB/s)
1280×960 – no frame skipping (49.2MB/s)

canon 50d magic lantern hack

Wow, a group of press photographers were attacked while covering an anti-gay-marriage protest in Paris this past week. The photojournalists were simply documenting the scene which turned on them quickly. Good to know that nearby photogs came to their rescue as they were being attacked; they snapped a couple pictures beforehand of course. Check out the footage below: (via Reddit)

Meanwhile, Flickr currently gives all users one terabyte of free storage, which allows for only photo and video uploads. Well now, you’ll be happy to know that Reddit user rlaw68 already found a hack around their upload system, which enables the ability to upload any file you want, essentially turning it into a free cloud. Pretty cool, right? The process involves combining the file you want to upload with a GIF. Flickr then checks the headers of the file and sees a picture and grabs the entire thing. Here’s rlaw68’s direct instructions for the simple trick:

1) Put the two files you want to combine into a single folder, preferably off the root of your drive, say c:\combos

2) Hit the Windows key + R, type in CMD and hit Enter

3) Change the directory to the root:

C:\users\Bill>cd \

4) And then to the folder where your files are:

C:>cd combos

5) Now, to combine the files type:

C:\combos>copy /B project1.gif

6) That’s it! Now you’ll see a file called project1.gif in your \combos folder that you can upload and store on Flickr – it’ll appear as just whatever the .gif file was that you combined with your archive.

When you want to access it again, you just download the file, rename it with a .zip extension and voila! Keep in mind that Flickr’s current upload limit is set to 200MB for a single photo, however. (via WHT)

flickr logo

And finally a Vietnam War photographer named Charlie Haughey has rediscovered his promotional photos shot in between 1968-1969 in an old shoe box. On April 5, Charlie’s photo show, titled ‘A Weather Walked In’, opened at ADX in Portland, Oregon, where 28 of his photos were on display, complete with hand-made frames built from Charlie from reclaimed wood. Also, CBS Sunday Morning recently interviewed Charlie and ran his story and interview over Memorial Day weekend last week. Check out that video below and click the image to check out the photos: (via CBS)

Vietnam Picture