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Photo of the Week - Hi-ISO with Nikon D7000

During the trip down and back from SXSW I took a had the pleasure of using the Nikon D7000. Now you know it is hard to go from a D3s to a D7000 but to give it a fair shot I had to use it in a concert situation.

In prior weeks I have shown you how I shoot concert photos at 8,000 ISO and come out with some very amazing images. Some people have said they will never be able to get shots like that because they can not afford such an expensive camera or lenses.

In this video I am showing you how I was able to capture Nick Perri of the band SINAI jumping with the Nikon D7000 and 14-24 2.8. Sure I am using an expensive lens but if I had on a 11-16 Tokina or a 17-50 Sigma I would have been able to do the same thing. There is more to capturing this image than the camera. Without the proper settings, anticipation and framing I wouldn’t have captured this image.

Check out this video as it walks you through everything form how I set my camera, how I was focusing, metering and what I was thinking.