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Photographer KILLED

A photographer was killed when photographing Justin Biebers Ferrari. This paparazzi was crossing a highway when he was struck and killed. You can read the full story here on

Let me say first that I am really really sorry that someone was killed, I feel for their family, friends and anyone involved in the accident.

Is any photo like this worth dying over? Will that snap shot of Justin Bieber be the greatest photo ever or will it just be another snap shot?

We have to look at this closer though. Are these paparazzi photographers or people who push a button in hopes of getting a big pay day? I know some of these photographers, I have been in the pit with them at concerts and we have conversations about what they do and I question it. Most of the time the answer they give me for why they do it is because its a paycheck. I get that, I understand people have to make a living, we all make a living at something. But chasing around a celebrity, sometimes putting yourself and other people in danger is just to much.

Is any shot worth dying over, especially one of Justin Bieber in his car????

What do you think, should there be tougher laws against chasing celebrities around to try and get s snap shot?

I also understand that many of the celebrities tip photographers off and invite the coverage because it helps them. I am honestly not a big fan of those snap shots capturing someone somewhere doing something, thats not the decisive moment.