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Photographers Need to Get Educated on Insurance Before Their Gear Is Damaged, Lost or Stolen

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This video is 100% NOT sexy, It’s not fun but it’s certainly INFORMATIVE. It’s not something most photographers want to spend their time on. But I will tell you this, the information in this 34 minute video may be the education you need to save your business if your gear is ever lost, damaged or stolen.

Get educated now before something happens, share this with other photographers and creatives who need to know this information.

Contrary to popular belief insurance companies are not out to screw you, though it may seem like they are at times. The truth of the matter is they don’t spend any time educating us, so we know how to better protect our gear and our businesses.

That’s all changed with MyGearVault, MyGearVault is NOT an insurance company. My goal with MyGearVault is to educate, educate, educate.

I’m tired of long e mails and sob stories that my gear was stolen and I didn’t have insurance. There’s no more excuses, we’ve built this FREE app for you. We’ve created countless educational videos and plan on hundreds more.
If the insurance companies wont educate you, WE WILL. Please pass it on.