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A Cheap Way to Protect Your Camera in the RAIN.

How many times have you been out and about shooting and it starts raining? Do you continue to shoot and risk the rain damaging your camera? Do you attempt to modify a trash bag or plastic bag to work on your camera?

Well I have a solution for you that is not only inexpensive but it works. Sure you could spend upwards of $200 for a high end reusable rain cover for your camera. But I have found an option that is only $5.

As you see in the video this simple plastic sleeve is designed to allow you to protect your camera and lens as well as still be able to capture images.

I keep a pack of these in my bag at all times because you never know when a sudden storm may strike. Don’t forget this is not just for rain, I would use this in dusty environments like on the beach or on a construction site. Whatever you can do to protect your camera from the elements
is always a plus.