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It's ALL About the Fill Light, Whip Out That Cell Phone LED - Quick Tip

How many times have you been out and about and seen people attempting to take photos in the dark? I encounter this all the time at bars and restaurants.

You see people trying to use their cell phones but can’t get focus and can’t figure out why their photos are turning out terrible.

Many times I walk over, flip on the LED from my Iphone, hold it up and they end up with a much better image.

This Quick Tip is about getting out that LED light and using it as fill. What you can see in the video is when Mike holds up the LED’s toward Stephen it fills in his face. When he moves them away you can see how dark his face really is.

Generally speaking showing this during the day may not have been the best idea but you can see in the video the difference between the two.

It’s pretty simple really, break out your cell phone, pop on the LED light and you have instant fill.