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Quick Tip - How to get multiple subject in focus

Don’t make the same mistake I did last week!!!! The mistake I made was not having a high enough Fstop to give me more depth of field when photographing two people who were staggered. As you can see by the image below, Rick is in focus and Dave is not. That is definitly not a good thing when photographing the founders of an event or anyone for that matter.


The way to correct the mistake is to make sure you bump your fstop higher to allow for a larger depth of field. Doing so will mean even though the subjects are staggered they subjects will fall into the focused area thus giving you a better shot.


No matter how much you try to correct the first image you never will be able to. If the person is out of focus at the time of capture they will be out of focus for all of time.

Try to learn from my mistake!!!