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Quick Tip - Getting Paid on Location

Have you ever thought it would be great to be able to accept credit cards but thought it was way to expensive? Well, its true it used to be very expensive and out of reach for the ever day person.

About a year ago a new device came out called “Square”. It is a FREE unit (yes I said FREE, they will send it to you for nothing no questions asked) that plugs into your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod and android devices. This unit allows you to take mobile credit card payments from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Now you can take payments anywhere anytime form your friends, co workers or clients. Say you just met with a wedding client and they want to book you. They could pay you in cash or with a check but now you can say you can charge it right than and there. This options allows people to finance their wedding payments via their credit card. You can add a slight service charge for large amounts or you can eat the 2.75% for the fact that you just got instant payment.

I have a square in my bag at all times. You never know when someone will need to pay you or use you as if you were an ATM. Let me get into the details of how this works.

Click here to get your Square

Beyond the fact that the square and App are FREE is that there is a very low rate that the company takes. Square will take 2.75% of every swiped transaction and no per transaction cost like PayPal. There is no cost to have an account, no cost for the square unit itself and no cost for the App itself. When you take a payment people can sign your screen and be e mailed a receipt. People paying can even be prompted to leave you a tip for your services. There is an option to punch in a credit card number for phone payments but a higher transaction fee will be charged because you are not swiping the card. The company has to make sure they are being protected form fraud.

All major credit cards are taken including AMEX which many retailers dislike taking because of the higher swiping fee. In this case no matter what card you swipe its still 2.75%. All of these transactions are backed by VISA so you know you have a reliable company behind you.

You can imagine the doors that this opens for photographers, bands, restaurants and anyone who needs to take payment. You now have the ability to take mobile and only pay a fee when you actually take money.

If you would like to get a FREE unit please click the image above to be taken to Squares web site.