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Quick Tip: How To Get Super Stable Video Using Hyperlapse

A few months back Instagram released a new program called Hyperlapse. It allows you take capture long periods of video then speed it up to your desired speed. It does do one more thing that surprised me the first time I used it. It stabilizes that video into super silky smooth footage without an image stabilized sensor.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow get that type of stabilization with all of your video? The little hack or trick we found inside Hyperlapse for the Iphone 5, 5s, 6 and 6+ is if you use four fingers and tap the screen four times it brings up a hidden menu.

In this menu you can switch the recording to 1080 from 720 as well as choose between 24 or 30 fps. So what you are doing is using the hyperlapse app to record the video but never speeding it up. You simply process it at 1X, save it and you are left with a smooth finished video.

In our samples you can see two iphone 5s’s taped together one using the camera app without stabilization and one using Hyperlapse. What hyperlapse is doing is cropping your video slightly to smooth out any shaking you may have in your video.

This is a pretty cool simple hack for your phone to allow you to get that super silky smooth stabilized video.