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Quick Tip: Using a Slider for smooth DSLR Video

Slide slide slippidy slide. Do you know how hard it is to hand hold a DSLR or any camera for that matter and get smooth video? I am a big fan of stabilized video but how do you get smooth movements without jerky footage?

In this Quick Tip I broke out the Cinevate Hedron slider to show you the difference between handholding and using a slider for video.

It’s almost impossible to handhold a camera and get a smooth sliding motion. But with a slider you can see how smooth the transition can be. This is just one function of a slider like this but it adds major dimension to your videos. Anytime you can add movement in video and have it be stable and smooth people will enjoy it more than a static shot.

The tip is simple, if you want a smooth sliding motion you are going to need some form of stabilization, in this case we used the Cinevate Hedron silder. For more info on this slider click here.