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If you think the QUIET Shutter Mode is Silent, think again

After I made my first video testing out the quiet and silent shutter modes of the Nikon and Canon’s, my Nikon rep told me I was using it wrong. He told me that the mode is not meant to be used where you press the shutter and let it go right away. He said your supposed to press and hold the shutter button down, leave the room or tuck the camera to muffle the rest of the noise.

I figured I would try out his suggestion for myself and see if it really made a difference. Than I got to thinking, if I have to leave the room after taking the photo wouldn’t I be making more noise than if I let the shutter just open and close normally?

Here is what I have come up with, the Nikon D800’s quite mode is by no means quiet. It seems to be slightly less loud than the regular shutter but now it has one extra point where it makes noise. When you let go of the shutter button in quiet mode it makes an audible. So instead of a quick noise you now have extended the noises out across a longer period of time.

This is what I think, if you are in a quiet setting but need to capture the images consider shooting less. Be more selective about what you shoot and pick and choose the images as they present themselves.

Have you used this feature before, do you think there is a difference?