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INSANE! I Photographed the RINGS of SATURN at 1600mm w/ the Canon EOS R5...from my ROOF!

I recently saw people posting pictures of Jupiter and Saturn and was like “I want to give that a shot”. I broke out the Canon EOS R5, RF800 F11, RF 2x converter and a tripod, in my attempt to do astrophotography from my roof in the city. With the 2X converter, I was shooting at 1600mm f22, which is pure insanity. Non the less, I had some fun and it was cool to be able to see the rings of Saturn which is 700,000,000 miles away.

Download RAW DNG files of Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon: CLICK HERE

The one correction I need to make is, the light from Saturn would have taken 3,800 years to get here if my math is somewhat correct.

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