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What's with all of this Urban Exploring in Photography Today?

Every which way you look today you see “Urban Exploring” photo series. But I want you to remember something, just because it’s old and abandoned doesn’t mean you don’t have to be creative still.

There are a few images in this Rapid Fire Critique where the photographer found an old building and simply took snap shots of a big open space. That’s all well and good here and there if there is some interest. But if there isn’t a moment captured or interesting details found the images are just blah.

My tips, for finding interesting urban exploring photos is to look for the details. Find the small interesting details that will pop from the photo and make people go wow.

Tell the story of what the place once was. Create a series, not just one wide shot but many shots together that bring the place to life. That is what will help make your urban exploring images stand out.

Click here to see the photographers full set.

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