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Rapid Fire Critique #010

This is the first week where I did the Rapid Fire Critique without the actual photographer being on the skype line with me. Like i said in the video you will not always be able to defend or explain your work to people who are viewing it.

The majority of the the time people will make up their own judgements about your work some of which may be right but others will assume things that could not be further than the truth.

If you are sending in a portfolio of work to a photo editor you have to let the work speak for itself. In this set of images there are about 7 killer, solid images that stand on their own.

This is what I look for in images, can they stand on their own, are they composed well and are they exposed well. I also look to see if the image tells a story. Story telling in images is a major thing for me, i want to capture images that when people see them they feel the emotion behind it.

Enjoy this rapid fire critique below.