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Rapid Fire Critique #014

For this weeks Rapid Fire Critique we have a critique of a photographer all the way from India by the name of Sagar N Iyer. Sagar submitted his 10 images to via a Flickr Link.

What I loved about the first few images were the large scenes that he captured. There is something to be said when you can capture wide angle shots with a ton of detail. I know I personally strive to capture as much detail in my images when shooting wider.

Not only did Sagar have some amazing wide angle shots but he amazing animal photos and close up shots. From the 10 images you can get a feel that Sagar is a well rounded photographer.

I also want to point out at the end of this video I did a slight rant which I may expand on in the future about commenting on peoples work. There seems to be a major issue with comments people leave on a page like flickr. If someone doesn’t like something they say I don’t like this image. Or if they like something they say great capture bla bla bla. This really needs to change, you can not be afraid to say what you think about an image whether you like it or not. If you like an image go into reasons why you like it, pull out different parts of the images and say something like “I love how you captured the essence of the eyes of your subject, they really make the images”. Or if you don’t like it find the positives while giving corrective criticism. “This image is very close to being spot on but I find that cutting off the subjects fingers takes away from the overall quality of the image. In the future try not to cut off important pieces to the subject”.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus [Previously: Victoria Terminus]