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Rapid Fire Critique #020 - Photography Critique

Welcome to another installment of the AdoramaPix Rapid Fire Critique. This week I selected a photo set from Vasco Silva who has a handful of killer shots.

I will put this in here now that some people may find this to be a harsh critique but as I explain in the video its being honest all while giving positive feedback to make some of the images better. I mentioned that Zack Arias a professional and very sought after photographer still takes his portfolio to portfolio reviews to be “ripped apart”.

Keep in mind many times when someone is critiquing your work they do not know the stories behind the images and generally you do not get to explain each image to the client or person looking. You have to take what the person is saying and break it down to the situation that you were in when you shot it. That is what I tried to do while looking at this set of images, I tried to mention that I was not there and I may be missing the point but with what is presented to me I have to base my critique off of that.

Vasco has some really killer black and white shots in here and is definitely on the right path to having a full set of incredible images.

If you would like to submit 10 photos to be critiqued please e mail a link to a gallery to

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