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Sometimes "One" image can make the set, this one did: AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique

I find it interesting that sometimes you can spot one image in a set that simply blows the other ones out of the water. That was the case during this AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire critique. The first few images were just fine, nothing earth shattering but when I cam across the classroom image my eyes widened and I had to stop for a moment.

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There is a major difference between the okay images and the ones that simply blow you away. The image at the desks with the one person looking at the camera was fantastic. Now, after looking at it for a while I started to question how it was made. Is that the same person at the desk in each photo and this was a major photoshop job? I am leaning towards yes it is a photoshop job.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that that image really stands out against the rest. I still like it a lot compared to the other images I critiqued.

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