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Rapid Fire Critique 22

Doing a critique of someones work is definitely not the easiest thing in the world to do. You do not want to be overly critical but you don’t want to just say “I like it, I don’t like it”.

This weeks Critique was interesting as the images were all over the place. We had people pictures to flower shots to lighting and cars. I think my feedback on these images will really help the photographer out. I do not mean any of this criticism to come across mean in any way.

I feel the only way for us all to get better is to keep learning and seeing how we can improve our work.

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Form the images that Ian showed me I would love to see him focus on capturing more images similar to the first one of the baseball player. He could go out there and take different portraits of people in many different situations and I think that would create a great photo book.

I also think he would do amazing things with a Macro Lens. He seems to have a great eye for capturing that detail thus why one of my major suggestions is to get closer to his subject, fill the frame as much as possible.

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