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Rapid Fire Critique Web Site Edition

There continues to be a ton of e mails coming into for Rapid Fire Critiques. Sometimes I get requests to review someones top 10 other times I have readers ask if I can look at their web site.

I thought it would be a good idea to do some Rapid Fire Critiques of different photographers web sites. Today I look at and give some feedback about the site layout and design along with some critiquing of his photos.

I really like Davids style, I like how he has formed his style of processing which translates throughout his web site. One criticism I did have from some of his photos was the cutting off of certain body parts in photos. The cutting off of the toes or hands and the wrists are just small things that can detract from the images. But when you start to see that you are doing that in your images you than will be able to make the correction.

When I was reading Davids bio he starts off with saying he is a “17 year old photographer”. My recommendation is to not focus on age but focus on the work that you do or have done. I personally would not pick a photographer based on their age. If i was looking at 10 portfolios and I so happen to like ones photographers work but find out they are 14 would I not use them? It is all about your work, be confident and ask for the job. If someone has a problem with your age but not your work there is a major issue.

No one has ever asked to see my diploma from Photography School. It is a piece of paper, it doesn’t mean that I am any better or worse than someone out there who just picked up a camera and started shooting.

Have a goal in mind for where you would like to take your photography and don’t be afraid to go for it or ask for the sale.

If you would like me to do a Rapid Fire Critique of your web site or your ten best photos please send an e mail with links to . Be sure to use the subject line Rapid Fire Critique.