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FroKnowsPhoto Rapid Fire Critique #008 + EXCLUSIVE CONTENT

I was pleasantly surprised with this weeks Rapid Fire Critique participant Shana. Shana is new to photography who is shooting with a Nikon D3000 and 18-55 kit lens only. She is also shooting RAW + Jpeg and sets her camera to Auto for many of her shots.

Now I am sure some of you might think I would make a big deal out of her shooting auto , but the truth is we all started in auto, I personally started shooting everything in the green mode of my Canon film camera before I graduated to another auto mode the sports mode.

The reason I did not make a big deal about her being in auto is i think its more important to get your composition and framing right when just starting out. If you can capture an image regardless of the exposure being on or off that is all i care about upfront.

Getting out there and shooting and than learning from your images is what it is all about upfront. I rather have you out there in the world in auto than sitting at home reading a technical how to book on photos.

This has been one of the most inspiring Rapid Fire Critiques up to this point for the sheer fact that Shana is doing a beyond AMAZING job with seeing the image.

If you would like to submit images for the Rapid Fire Critique please send a link to flickr with your best 10 images to Be sure to include your skype name so I can contact you to record the call.

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