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YES, we have progress with Peter: AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique #63

Peter is a photographer that I mentor in Nashville. He saved up enough money on his own to attend my boot camp in Nashville and I told him I would help him as much as he needed after.

This summer he picked up a photography job at a summer camp and asked me to critique his work. That is what I did for this weeks AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique. As always please do not take my criticism as being harsh, mean or anything else, I am being honest all while giving advice to get better.

Peter has an eye and that is evident in the images he asked me to critique. It is all about growing and making subtle tweaks work to take it to the next level. Based off of these images peter is not far off but he is making one mistake that I made myself, shooting to tight. It is one thing to take a headshot it is another to try and take every photo super tight. We have to remember that sometimes the scene the subject is in will help make your image.

I came up with a saying a long while ago. If I take a tight headshot underneath the Eiffel tower but all you see is the head shot, why didn’t I just shoot it in my basement. The point is not everything needs to be super super tight. Seeing the world and capturing your subject in a wide angle image is perfectly fine. A tight shot here and there to go along with everything else would work out as well.

Peter, you are doing a fantastic job, keep on shooting and learning and you will continue to grow.