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AdoramaPix Rapid Fire Critique and Photography Discussion

I am back with another AdoramaPix Rapid Fire Critique and this time I have the photographer on the skype line with me (skype jaredpolin). I enjoy doing these critiques with the photographer on the line with me, it gives me the chance to ask questions and be straight up honest with them.

This skype call went well beyond your normal critique, we dove into Brandons current school situation to find out that he is going to hold a very prestigious post at his college News Paper.

Brandon it turns out is a freshman in college who is working for the school news paper and will be taking over as photo editor. That is an amazing feat for a freshman to accomplish. What is great about attending such a large college is its a sports photographers dream. You are surrounded by so many different teams that you would probably photograph all day every day. Everything from practices to games to behind the scenes stories. That is just shooting the sports, we can’t forget the arts, there are concerts, musicals, music, sculpting and so many other amazing opportunities to shoot.

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I have always said if I went to a four year school it would have been an amazing place to photograph. The only difference is at 18 and 19 I was not ready to handle those situations and my interactions with peers were not up to par yet.

Another great advantage of going to a college like this is they will supply you with some pro camera gear. Sure some of it is out of date but you are getting real world on the job training and in some cases getting paid for it. If someone is going to let you use gear, pay you and give you access to pretty much professional athletes you better enjoy it and learn as much as possible.

I think Brandon is off to an amazing start. He has a four year on the job education in photography that will give him a step up on so many other photographers his age. I hope to continue to follow Brandon and his work and look forward to speaking with him again.

If you would like to submit your best 10 images please use the “submit photos” button above. I am looking for either your best 10 photos or a great set of photos that tells a story.

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