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FroKnowsPhoto Rapid Fire Critique #009 + BONUS VIDEO

A few weeks back Gene took part in a Rapid Fire Skype call and I really thought we should do a Rapid Fire Critique as well. Gene has only been shooting for about 4 months with his Nikon D3100, kit lens and a few other random pieces of glass.

Gene is really seeing the image well which by now you know I stress upfront more than anything else. If you see the image than I don’t care if your shooting in Auto to capture it. Seeing and composing is way more important when you are starting than getting your exposure spot on. I know that may sound strange but you will learn how to make changes to your exposure as time goes on.

There are a few Live Music shots in this set along with wedding shots and some other random offerings. But more importantly at the end Gene asked me a killer question about getting into concerts. I decided to turn that question into a BONUS VIDEO for people who are on the EMAIL LIST.

The Bonus video is 15 min of me just dumping info out of my head, giving different scenarios, different ideas and alternative ways of getting into shows. A lot of this information will one day end up in a book about concert photography that will go into way more detail. I had to cut myself off from giving more killer information and than still continued to give out more after that.


How to get Passes to Shoot Concerts from Jared Polin on Vimeo.