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RAWtalk Episode #025 - Ian Ruhter

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If you have been following any of the photography sites over the last year you probably have heard of “Silver and Light” and the Photographer behind it Ian Ruhter. Ian had an idea to turn an old truck into a camera to capture huge wet plate images. Wet plates go back to the dawn of photography (1850). It’s a process where you coat a plate with photo sensitive emulsion, expose it to light then develop it. It creates a one of a kind image that is truly amazing.

I find what Ian is doing to be extremely inspiring. He took an idea, he built something and it has exploded all over the world. I hope to one day own an original plate to hang on my wall.

Below you will find three videos Ian has created regarding his projects. Take some time to watch each one and be prepared to be inspired.

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.

Lights, Toy Camera, Action from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.

Death Do Us Part from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.