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RAWtalk Episode 23

Right Click here and hit SAVE AS to download this weeks episode as an MP3.

I had the urge to go “solo” this week as I did not want you guys to have to wait an extra week for a new episode.

I really enjoyed this week as I answered a ton of great questions that were posted up on facebook. I really get into answering these questions this week that I do get a little animated. I forget to say earmuffs before I curse but I think you should be safe to listen to this anywhere.

This should be the last RAWtalk I do from my dads house as I make the move on Tuesday into my new place. Once back there I hope to get more people in to sit around my BBO Poker table for some talks.

The reason I like having people over and in person for RAWtalks is that its real, its better then a bunch of people sitting other places on skype and trying to have a conversation. There is something about being together and looking into the other persons eye when they are speaking.