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Assignment 01 is the Self Portrait Challenge and this is my reaction to some of the best ones. Check out the assignment video here

How To Submit your images You can submit your BEST photos from these assignments to please please please follow these directions. Submit only full res exported JPEG files or if you shoot in JPEG, the full-res version. Please rename your files as follows Assignment#_last_first_00 example 01_Polin_Jared_01 so assignment 01, my name and one file. If it’s more than one filer that assignment make it 02 03 so on so forth.

Assignments 01: Self Portrait Challenge 02: Close Focus / Macro Challenge 03: MOVIE Challenge 04: WIDE OPEN CLOSED DOWN CHALLENGE 05: Reflection Challenge 06: Don’t MOVE Challenge 07: Landscape (in your backyard or local park)

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