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Ride The "HASHTAG": Tips for getting more people to see your photos

So you want more people to see your photos. Here are a few tips to help you get what you want.

1. Ride the “hashtag”: What this means is wherever you post your images, twitter, instagram, facebook, etc make sure you # people, places, things. Beyond that make sure you find the proper @ name and tag for the subjects of the photos.

2. Don’t over to the tagging. I think we all agree how annoying it is to see a photo posted with 800 hashtags most of which have nothing to do with the image. Select a handful of pertinent tags that get your point across in 5-7 tags.

3. Follow the trends: On instagram and twitter you can find topics that are tending. If you have a photo that fits or follows a trend be sure to get it out into the world. Or go out and shoot a photo that takes advantage of the current trend.

4. Be sure to tag “venues” if you’re a wedding photographer. Tagging the venue may lead to prospective brides seeing your work that could lead to a meeting or possibly a booking.