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Sony 400mm f2.8 Real World Review

This is a Real World Review of the Sony 400mm f2.8 G Master Lens. This is pretty much the ultimate professional sports lens that Sony has been missing. How does this compare against the Nikon and the Canon, that’s not easily tested.

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Sony 400 2.8 on Amazon
Sony 400 2.8 at Allen’s Camera

Sample RAW FILES: File 1 File 2 File 3

One thing keeping professional sports photographers from fully jumping ship to Sony has been the lack of big ass fast glass. Now with the 400 2.8 and tele-converters Sony has what some of the sports pros want. Will it make a difference, will people jump ship right now to move to Sony for shooting sports or wait for what Nikon and Canon will be doing?

You don’t see a lot of Sony shooters on the sidelines at major sporting events, is that all about to change?