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Stop cutting off your "Portraits" at weird places: AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique

Welcome to another AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique where I critique your best ten photos. If you would like me to critique your best ten please leave a link below.

Right off the bat I will tell you that this photographer did not submit their best ten photos. They simply sent me a link to their photo stream which I generally end up skipping. Lucky for them I scrolled through the first handful of images and saw photos I liked.

What stood out to me in the first two portraits is how they were awkwardly composed. They seemed to cut the subjects head off at strange places which leads to tension in the images. There is a subtle difference between a portrait that works and one that does not.

Where you choose to place the subjects eyes, hands, neck and more will play a major part in telling you if you have a winning shot or not. All and all I really liked the style of this photographer. They had unique angles that I was drawn to as well as nice processing.