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RANT Paralysis of Analysis

Have you ever found yourself looking for issue or looking for something wrong with the latest gear that you bought? In this day and age people look to test and overanalyze every new piece of gear. This has never been more evident than over the last two weeks. We have had the Nikon D4, Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III all come out.

I can not recall a time when three professional cameras all have hit the market at the same time. This should be great news, there should be a lot of people happy to pick up a new body. But what has happend and what some people only seem to care about is how does it compare to this, how does it compare to that. What do the “test” shots look like in the studio, what DXO mark did it get.

I have to say it, give me a break, stop the paralysis of analysis. Stop looking for issues with a camera and where its breaking points are. Stop the back and forth trying to figure out if you should buy the new camera based off of all these bs tests.

With my new D4 I found myself taking test images trying to determine if this camera was better than my D3s. Than I sat there and said screw this, this is my new camera it is going to be great, shut up and just shoot. That is the moral here, get out there and shoot, stop testing and just shoot some real world pictures.

The tests wont help you get a great image if don’t know how to get a proper exposure or composition. A good DXO Mark doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what you are doing. People are getting to wrapped up in meaningless stuff.

I heard someone say this recently. When you show people pictures they sometimes say “wow these are amazing, you must have a great cameras”. But you never hear someone tell a chief this “wow dinner was good, you must have a great oven!!!!”

Whatever camera you have is all that matters, use it to its abilities and capture amazing images. Get out of the testing lab and go shoot for real, end of story.