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Tips For Photographing A SURPRISE "Wedding Proposal": I Only Had 10 sec to get the shot, did I FAIL?

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My friend Scott called me a few hours prior to asking his gf for her hand in marriage hoping I would be able to meet them at the park to capture photos of him proposing.

I decided to put the GoPro in the hot shot to capture video and share the experience with the world.

Here are some tips:

1. Make sure you show up early to scout the location
2. Take test photos to make sure your exposure is going to be spot on
3. Shoot RAW just in case aka ALWAYS SHOOT RAW
4. Keep VR or IS on if you’re going to be shaking at all
5. Pre set your focus points to the top portion of the frame for shooting vertical
6. Don’t get distracted by people asking “if this is real”
7. Shoot wide enough to capture both people in the photo

All I can say is be prepared because you have very little time to get the shot, it’s over before you know it.

I am aware that most wedding proposal are surprises by the way.





Surprise Wedding Proposal