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The BEST Way to "Hand Hold" your camera: Quick Tip

This “Quick Tip” may seem simple to those who have been shooting for a long time. But for those who are just getting into shooting the simple question of the best way to hand hold the camera always arrises.

The tip is simple, right hand on the grip, left hand under the lens not over with your elbows tucked. When you tuck your elbows you are giving yourself stability which should lead to sharper images.

When it comes to how to shoot vertical there are two ways. Either your camera has a built in vertical release or it doesn’t. If it do it’s simple simply turn the camera so the shutter button is at the top.

If you don’t have one in my opinion the best way to shoot is to turn the camera so the shutter button is at the top not the bottom and tuck the elbows.

If you follow these simple tips you should have an easier time getting sharper images.