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The difference between a WINNING photo and an eh photo is timing: Rapid Fire Critique

Welcome to another AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critique where I critique your best ten photos. If you would like me to critique your best ten please leave a link below.

Timing and interesting subjects are the key to capturing moments vs snap shots. This photographer has so much going for them. The have the exposures spot on, they have their editing spot on, they have their composition for the most part spot on. Where they need work is “timing”.

Timing is so important to your images. A split second decision is the difference between that winning photo and one that is just eh. In this photographers case I think they are slightly off with the moments they are capturing.

You can see it in the baseball photos. The one with the batter swinging technically is spot on but the moment that was captured is not. I know you don’t control where the ball is or the batter blinking or not. But you have to select the best images to put out into the world. The winning photo in this case would be contact with the ball either right on the bat or right after the ball was hit. The batters eyes open and in good form.

With the player who just popped out there wasn’t enough emotion captured. Maybe in a photo story if there was the swing and the disappointment it would work but on it’s own it does not. It simply doesn’t have the emotion I want to see in a photo.

Like I said above the photographer is spot on with almost everything they are doing. Now it’s time to work on anticipating the moment and capturing it.