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This type of EDITING HAS TO STOP!!! Rapid Fire Critique

As I continue with this AdoramaPIX Rapid Fire Critiques I cam across this set of only five images. As you know I generally critique 10 images but something caught my eye with this set.

What caught my eye was the way the images were edited. It seems most of the editing is fine and the images are not bad at all. But the major issue is the fact that the peoples skin look so fake. That includes the images of the little kids whos skin is already perfect.

I have been seeing this more and more where people feel like they have to touch up peoples skin so much that it looks fake. Kids do not need their skin touched up to make it look smooth and silky. For that matter I don’t really think peoples skin should be touched up pretty much at all. I am a fan of this is who you are so be secure with that.

Here is a way to know if you have taken your skin editing to far. If you have to pull back on the clarity passed -5 or so you’ve gone to far. If it looks fake to you it’s going to look even more fake to everyone else.

Click Here to see this set of five images.