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Tips from a Librarian - Understanding How the Card Catalogue Can Help You

Last weekend while I was in Florida visiting my grandfather I went out to breakfast with his crew of laides which includes an amazing lady Lorraine. Lorraine is a librarian who is such a sweet and extremely bright lady. She got to asking me about my photography and how I go about “tagging” my images to find at a later date. She was asking me if I do this and that in order to be able to easily find images I am looking for.

Knowing that Lorrain is a librarian I likened the way I organize my images to how the card catalogue worked. Its funny how similar what we do today is to how things were located in the library in the past.

Sit back and enjoy the wisdom that Lorraine lays on us during this video. She explains how the card catalogue worked and the key things to think about when tagging and organizing your images.